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2021 A.G.M.

The NCCA held its AGM for 2021 on Wednesday 8th Dec at 8.00 P.M. At this meeting, we brought residents up to date on the work being done and progress to date on getting funding for the Community Centre. Due to Covid-19 restrictions on face-to-face meetings, the AGM was held over Zoom.

Press Release

February 2021

Potential Uses of Newcastle Community Centre

N.C.C.A. Background


N.C.C.A. was established in 2003 to develop a Community Centre in Newcastle.


Fundraising activities carried out from 2004 to 2008.


The association formed a company limited by guarantee – N.C.C.A. Limited.


N.C.C.A. Limited acquired land at Moyola Lane, Newcastle on 100 year lease from Galway City Council.


The lease was modified as N.C.C.A. Ltd agreed with Galway City Council request to assign part of the land to Croí for the development of the current Croí Heart & Stroke Unit.


In October 2015 N.C.C.A. submitted and received planning permission for a Community Centre.


N.C.C.A. Ltd entered into a Licence Agreement with Dept. of Education & Skills (DES) for the development and shared use of the entrance to the NCCA site with Educate Together N.S. This included a 28 space car park plus a 2.4 metre perimeter wall and trees around N.C.C.A. site.


At the October 2018 AGM the two existing Board Members – Tom Kelly RIP and Bartley Joyce – resigned and the new Board of Directors and Committee was formed.


The new Board and Committee engaged in a detailed consultation process with residents, institutions, Galway City Council and Politicians. A new Business Plan was launched. New plans for the development were drawn up and planning permission received from Galway City Council. Construction of 2.4 Metre high wall with trees and shrubs planted all around the perimeter of site


An Application was submitted to the Dept. of Housing, Planning and Local Government for grant aid under Urban Regeneration and Development Fund. Galway City Council have offered support for the funding application. Detailed design drawings for the Community Centre and external facilities are in the process of being completed to ensure construction can commence once funding is granted.

N.C.C.A. CLG – Organisation Details

  • Registered Charity Number:   CHY15457/20053383

  • Company Number:   456093
  • Registered Office/Solicitors:    Sherlock & Co,. Solicitors, Cross Street, Athenry, Co. Galway
  • Accountants:   Ryan McGinty Ltd, Chartered Accountants, Tara Rock 7, Galway Technology Park

  • Board of Directors:   Seamus Davey, Brendan Beatty, P.J.Cuddy, Martin Divilly
  • Officers:
    Chairperson: Seamus Davey
    Vice Chairperson: Martin Divilly
    Secretary: Brendan Beatty
    Treasurer: P.J. Cuddy
    PRO: Martin Quinn
  • Other Committee Members:
    Michael Joyce, Finbarr Ryan, Mo Street, Sean Walsh, Patricia Quigley, Eddie Hoare

Architectural Drawings

Newcastle & Dangan Community Profile

4,200 Residents living in the following housing estates.

  • Newcastle Park

    Snipe Avenue

    Fairlands Park

    Laurel Park

    Tudor Lawn

    Dangan Heights

    The Heath


  • Upper Newcastle Road

    Ardilaun Road


    Hazel Park

    Dangan Court

    Bushypark Lawns

    The Bailey

  • Inchagoill Road

    Moyola Park

    Clifton Park

    Cherry Park

    Dún Dangain


    Circular Road

Newcastle Community Centre Proposed Location

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